About Me

I bet you’re all wondering who’s doing this project.  You wanna know who’s running this whole crazy thing.  Well, allow me to entertain that request and reveal the mastermind: me.

I am a Graduate Student at the Polytechnic Institute of NYU studying Integrated Digital Media.  I have previously obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Media from Juniata College (look it up) in 2011.  My main focus is graphic design, digital media, new media, video production, and web media.  I hope to obtain a career in any of these field and/or start my own company.
You’re probably wondering, “What makes you qualified for this project?”  Well, I’ve practiced percussion and drums since I was twelve.  I was originally inspired by the HBO special “Stomp Out Loud”.  In this show, you see performers playing everyday objects like trash can lids, brooms, sewer pipes, and basketballs as of they were normal percussion instruments.  It also took place in ordinary city settings, which was definitely a huge inspiration for this project.
I’ve been in several different ensembles since I started, most of them being associated with the school I was enrolled in at the time.  I’ve been in symphonic bands, wind ensembles, orchestras, jazz bands, marching bands, pit bands, pep bands, rock bands, and, or course, percussion ensembles.
I’m experienced in snare drum, bass drum, auxiliary percussion, marching percussion, timpani, keyboard percussion, and world and hand percussion.  One interesting instrument I’ve played is a keyboard instrument made of PVC pipe.  You hit the ends with flip flops to produce a sound.  Juniata College has a whole set of them, in bass, guitar, and tenor tune.  They, along with a drum set and steel pan, make up the PVC ensemble, officially known as “Steely Pan and the PVCs”.
As for other hobbies, I enjoy listening to music, taking pictures, watching movies and tv, enjoying a good beer, and generally having a good time with friends.

If you want to contact me, feel free to through these channels:


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