About This Project


Technically speaking, this project is part of an assignment in my Interactive Design course.  However, I have really been interested in street musicians since I was a kid, and I really just want to write and document about what I’m passionate about.

As you may have guessed, I am musically-inclined.  I have studied percussion since I was twelve years old, and

The Purpose (Mission)

  • To document what the average New Yorker sees in the subway on a daily basis.
  • To explore the little-known world of busking.
  • To create an online community for buskers and busker enthusiasts.
  • To just have fun with it!

This is how this project will be accomplished

  • Through documentation of various street performers (aka, “Buskers”) in the City of New York
  • Through personal experience in busking and traveling through New York
  • Through utilizing social media to reach out to other buskers and busker enthusiasts

This is how our organization will gain.

  • School Credit
  • Professional Experience
  • Practice of Musical Skill
  • Firsthand Experience in New York
  • FUN!!!


My objective is pretty staightforward; to understand the world of busking.  To that end, I will continue to document musicians, and I will collect information gathered through the survey on the homepage.

Project Constraints

One foreseeable constraint right now is time.  As I am a Graduate Student, I don’t have as much time as I like, so it’s pretty difficult to continue my documentation on a regular basis.

As this is New York, another constraint will most likely be money.  Traveling to the outer boroughs is cheap individually, but going to several different areas to document can add up.  I might be able to obtain donations through some busking of my own, but I’m not really counting on that (not to say that I’m not a good musician.  It’s just that in this city, it’s pretty difficult).

Hopefully, I can overcome each of these constraints through a little creative thinking and perseverance.


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