Subway Performer Drums and Sings Adele’s “Someone Like You”

This guy is performing at the 86th St Subway Station in New York.  He’s singing “Someone Like You” by Adele (quite wonderfully, I might add) while playing the djembe.
This guy’s a regular in this subway station.  Once I heard him sing Phil Collins’In The Air Tonight“.


Marching Band Plays Rage

I know that this isn’t really street music, but as a former marching band musician, I can’t help but love when someone puts their own play on a contemporary song.  In this video, George Mason University‘s Green Machine plays Rage Against The Machine‘s “Killing In The Name“.  Seems pretty hard to play a song which consists primarily of rapping (very little melodic tone), but these guys found a way!


As I probably mentioned many times on this blog, the thing that inspired me to play the drums is the performance known as Stomp.  It’s an off-broadway performance involving percussion performances using everything from trash cans, to basketballs, to matches, and even pipes.

Check out this video!  I just saw it and was reminded exactly what this project is about!

Rockin’ Violin in Penn Station

Being one of the busiest train stations in the country, Penn Station is a great place to see buskers.  Just the other day, I saw this man playing the violin to the instrumental versions of popular songs.  Some of the songs he played included Lynard Skynard‘s “Sweet Home Alabama” and Led Zeppelin‘s “Kashmir”.

Spontaneous Subway Performance

Here’s a spontaneous subway performance someone sent to me.  I love seeing things like this!

EDIT: It turns out this video was taken by a singer in New York named Jessica Latshaw.  You can find her blog here!

Presenting My Project

Hey all,
I’m presenting this project to my professor today.  To better match the theme for it, I’m going “undercover” here as a busker!


I don't know if you can tell by looking, but I'm holding a djembe under my arm.

This, or course, does not at all mean I’m gonna stop right after I present.  In fact, this class is just the beginning.  I plan to continue Sound of the City Streets well after I receive my final grade!  I even plan to improve on it as I go!

So stay tuned!

Lenny Kravitz crashes the VOP Choir in New Orleans for “Fly Away” – YouTube

This video’s over a year old, but it’s still awesome!  While walking through New Orleans, Lenny Kravitz heard these guys, the Voice of Praise Choir from Lewisville‘s First Baptist Church, playing his hit song “Fly Away“.  He even jumped in to play the drums and sing!

I guess this technically doesn’t count as busking, but it is still cool!